6 Month Digestive Health Programme


Many of us suffer with digestive issues. As a nutritional therapist I would say that around 80% of my clients come to see me with some kind of digestive issue.

Nowadays our bodies are bombarded with highly processed foods, environmental toxins and chronic stress. Our digestive systems become overwhelmed and this often affects our lives on a daily basis.

When our digestive systems are burdened we cannot absorb important nutrients. Disruption in healthy gut bacteria is common, caused by an overgrowth of other bacteria, yeasts or parasites. This disruption can lead to unpleasant symptoms including excess gas,  reflux, indigestion, chronic constipation (all often referred to as IBS), fatigue and skin problems.

The digestive health programme takes a closer look at your individual symptoms, past case history, diet and lifestyle. A personalised plan is then decided upon which includes dietary changes, specific gut balancing foods, healing nutrients and supplements where appropriate. We will explore different gut healing diets and decide which elements are most beneficial for you.

Bi-weekly Zoom or phone calls enable me to monitor your progress and make adjustments where appropriate to optimise your success. This coaching keeps you focused and we can discuss problem areas and any questions you may have about your programme.

What to expect from the Digestive Health Programme:

  • 3 day food diary and questionnaire to be completed before the initial meeting
  • 60 min initial Nutritional Therapy + Health Coaching session with a full dietary analysis
  • An in-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle, and stress
  • Personalised nutrition guidance
  • Specific food suggestions for digestive health
  • Information sheets
  • Bi-weekly personal nutritional coaching sessions via Skype or phone including food diary analysis
  • Clinical tests recommendations (where appropriate) with test result interpretation
  • Supplement guidance if required including medication interaction evaluation

Price £800

A note on diagnostic testing:

I often find that clients come to me with ongoing digestive issues that have been hard to resolve. They may have gone through NHS screening and the results have come back clear. They may have tried all the supplements and dietary changes that they can find but still symptoms are not resolved. In some of these cases I may suggest diagnostic testing. This can help to produce a more targeted programme. Testing is not a cheap option but it can be a very effective diagnostic tool. Please refer to the diagnostic testing page for a brief overview of some of the tests offered. We can discuss this further during your free 15 minute phone discovery call.

Health Testing