12 Week Weight Loss Programme

weightlossWeight loss can often be difficult and we are bombarded with fad diets that are too often used as marketing tools for costly meal replacements which leave us hungry and unsustained.

The key to healthy and sustained weight loss is an educated change of lifestyle and diet. We need to change the way in which we think about food and adopt a healthy way of eating for the long term.

During the 12 week weight loss programme I aim to educate my clients by dispelling diet myths in order to change habits which are hard to shake.

Modern life has developed very rapidly and the evolution of our bodies has not caught up. Many of us eat highly refined foods in our diet with large amounts of sugar and processed fats which our bodies have difficulty processing. Imbalanced blood sugars cause weight gain as the excess sugars are stored as fat.

Stress also plays a major part in weight gain and many of us are stressed for prolonged periods of time due to money worries, demanding jobs, heavy traffic and so on. During times of stress the body releases sugar from storage in the liver and muscles in order to give us energy. Instead of using this sugar up, as we would have done in the past, the sugar is stored as fat, especially around the middle of the body.

The key aim of the weight loss package is to focus on a healthy and balanced diet coupled with regular exercise. I give my clients the awareness needed to make the correct dietary choices for future good health and the regular contacts enable me to coach my clients by offering achievable weekly changes. This enables us to slowly build on a new way of eating giving you time to adjust and talk through any issues.

What to expect:

Firstly you receive a 7 day food diary and questionnaire to be completed before the initial meeting, followed by an initial home visit where we

  • Discuss your current diet and lifestyle
  • Review health conditions which may affect weight loss
  • Look at existing foods in the larder to uncover potential problem foods
  • Discuss your aims, goals and targets
  • Discover the science behind weight loss
  • We may also cover; emotional eating, boosting motivation, being prepared, improving self-image and improving positive attitudes.

After the initial meeting a personal plan will be drawn up. This will include:

  • Meal ideas, snack ideas, recipes and shopping lists
  • Foods to increase and decrease
  • Information sheets explaining the science behind weight loss
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Dietary supplement suggestions (where appropriate)
  • Stress reduction techniques

There will be 11 weekly Zoom or phone calls where we will discuss progress and set realistic goals for the coming week and the last call will review your current position and set continued realistic goals for your future.

Price: £695