Female health

  • Rhythm: Female hormone profile – Saliva – £182

12 saliva samples are taken over a monthly cycle and fluctuations in hormones over the course of the menstrual cycle are monitored. Useful for those with fertility problems and symptoms of PMS.

  • Rhythm Plus: Comprehensive Female hormone profile – Saliva – £235

16 saliva samples taken over a monthly cycle. Measures monthly fluctuations of hormones as well as melatonin and adrenal hormones. Useful for those with hormone problems, sleep issues, depression, immune dysfunction.

  • Menopause Profile – Saliva/Urine – £270

Although menopause is a normal part of a woman’s maturation, many women can experience discomfort both during and after menopause. This profile includes the 1-Day Progesterone/Oestrogen test and measures levels of Testosterone, Oestrogen Metabolism and  Osteoporosis Risk Assessment.

  • Oestrogen Metabolism Assessment – Urine – £145

This test is used to measure oestrogen metabolites and may be applicable for patients who have a family history of oestrogenic cancers or oestrogen dominance.

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