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Are you busy and feeling overwhelmed or stressed?

Are you aware that a good diet can help you and know what foods to eat but struggle to know how to incorporate them into your daily life?

Do you start healthy eating regimes with enthusiasm for the first few days, and then fall back into old habits?

Do you have ongoing health issues but are confused by the amount of conflicting advice available?

If so, then Nutritional Coaching may be for you.

  • I will guide and educate you though a bespoke nutritional programme.
  • Regular Zoom or phone meetings ensure that you are staying on the right track
  • Opportunity to ask questions or discuss concerns about your programme will keep you focused and in control
  • Small and realistic changes are made along the way with each change discussed and reviewed during the regular contacts
  • Encourages commitment and continued focus
  • Increases motivation and achievement

Nutritional Therapy Programmes

A one off meeting, followed by one Zoom/phone call to discuss current dietary and lifestyle patterns, wellness goals and simple changes that can be implemented to improve health. This programme can get you back on track if you feel you know what you should be doing but just need a one off meeting to confirm that you are going in the right direction. £99

This programme is designed to encourage general healthy eating patterns.  It is suitable for people who feel they just need general support and guidance with which foods they should and shouldn’t be eating.  If you feel like you need some extra inspiration and focus then this programme could be for you.  4 weekly Zoom sessions and additional support via email £230

This programme is suitable for individuals who have specific illnesses and health conditions, or those looking to improving their health in general.

If you are fed up with feeling tired and lethargic and want to improve your general health or you are tired of being told there is no treatment for the symptoms you have, this programme may be the one for you.

Each person is evaluated and an individual programme is created which takes into account all aspects of their health, lifestyle and wellbeing goals.

An initial consultation is followed by 11 weekly Zoom/phone calls  £650

Disruption in healthy gut bacteria is common, caused by an overgrowth of other bacteria, yeasts or parasites. This disruption can lead to unpleasant symptoms including excess gas, reflux, indigestion, chronic constipation (all often referred to as IBS), fatigue and skin problems.

The digestive health programme takes a closer look at your individual symptoms, past case history, diet and lifestyle. A personalised plan is then decided upon which includes dietary changes, specific gut balancing foods, healing nutrients and supplements where appropriate. We will explore different gut healing diets and decide which elements are most beneficial for you.

Bi-weekly Zoom or phone calls enable me to monitor your progress and make adjustments where appropriate to optimise your success.

I clients often come to me with ongoing digestive issues that have been hard to resolve. They may have gone through NHS screening and the results have come back clear. They may have tried all the supplements and dietary changes that they can find but still symptoms are not resolved. In many of these cases I may suggest diagnostic testing. This can help to produce a more targeted programme. We can discuss this further during your free 15 minute phone discovery call. £800


Health Testing



Success stories

“I came to see Sarah because I had really bad acne. Over the years I had been to the doctors a number of times and had been prescribed lots of different types of medication, none of which worked. Sarah was incredibly helpful. She put together a plan, advising me on eating certain foods and taking supplements that would heal the problems and balance my body. The treatment has improved my health, eliminated my acne and changed my lifestyle.”

“My story starts quite a few years ago when I did not have the healthiest of lifestyles. I had bad breath and bloating, and then psoriasis, amongst other symptoms. I went to see my doctor and was given quick fixes for each individual issue but no long term solution.

After the first appointment I felt very positive. Sarah recommended that I take a digestive test to find out exactly what was wrong with me. I went ahead with the test and I am so glad I did because it gave me great peace of mind and now 3 months down the line I am finally on the home stretch to getting my health back and enjoying food and life again.”

“I contacted Sarah after suffering a series of colds – she treated my digestion and immunity through changes to my diet and a series of supplements.  She saved me money on food allergy test by making me regulate my meals and report back with a food diary.
Sarah’s advice has helped me increase my immunity and I very rarely catch colds and illness. It has also helped me to better understand how to keep my diet controlled to optimize my energy levels, reduce my sugar consumption and prepare my day with healthy nutritious snacks”

“I decided to see Sarah after years of suffering with what was always labelled as ‘IBS’. I found I was often tired, craved sugary foods, had a bloated tummy and weak nails and hair. Working with Sarah helped me to understand the nutrients that the body needs and how I could manage this with diet and supplements rather than having to take anything from the doctor. I still use Sarah’s brilliant recipes now, 4 years on and I am very grateful for the support she provided in helping me to understand the root cause of my problems

 “I sought Sarah’s advice as I was having difficulty controlling my weight. I found her nutritional advice and recipes very helpful – my health and energy levels improved and I found I really enjoyed and benefited from eating more healthily

I am a qualified nutritional therapist practitioner with an I-TEC in anatomy and physiology and a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the college of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol.

I have been involved with the health food industry for more than 15 years and have always been interested in how food can affect health in both a positive and negative way.

After several years working in a health food shop, I was inspired to develop my understanding further by training as a Nutritional Therapist, qualifying in 2008. This enabled me to help others by introducing them to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

As a nutritional therapist I believe strongly in identifying and treating the root cause of an illness rather than masking the symptoms.

I am accredited by the Nutritional Therapy Council – NTC and am a CNHC registered practitioner.

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