Nutritional Coaching

Are you busy and feeling overwhelmed or stressed?

Are you aware that a good diet can help you and know what foods to eat but struggle to know how to incorporate them into your daily life?

Do you start healthy eating regimes with enthusiasm for the first few days, and then fall back into old habits?

Do you have ongoing health issues but are confused by the amount of conflicting advice available?

If so then Nutritional Coaching may be for you.

What to expect?

Acting as your Nutritional Coach I will guide and educate you though a bespoke nutritional programme. Regular Skype or phone meetings ensure that you are staying on the right track, and the opportunity to ask questions or discuss concerns about your programme will keep you focused and in control. Small and realistic changes are made along the way with each change discussed and reviewed during the regular contacts. This is instead of you receiving a long list of things you should and shouldn’t do, which can be overwhelming, hard to absorb and difficult to accomplish without regular encouragement.

When you join one of my nutritional coaching programmes you receive up to date nutritional advice, along with the support, empathy, understanding and direction crucial to ensuring success.

Nutritional Coaching;

  • Supports a realistic tailored nutrition programme coupled with advice about beneficial lifestyle changes
  • Encourages commitment and continued focus
  • Increases motivation and achievement
  • Promotes simple changes made/reviewed at each weekly meeting

If you think I can help please call for a no obligation chat.

Your free 15 minute ‘Discovery’ call

If you are interested in booking a Nutrition Programme, or you would like to find out more, please email me at and we can organise a suitable time for your free 15 minute discovery call.

Diagnostic Testing

If your health issues are long standing and complex you may benefit from diagnostic testing before commencing on a Nutritional Coaching programme.

During your free 15 minute phone call we will discuss whether testing is appropriate and if so which test would be most useful.

If testing is agreed it will be carried out prior to your programme beginning and results will be discussed in full during the first meeting. Recommendations will take into account your tests results, medical history and any current medication.

Please see the Health testing page for more information on individual tests and costs.

Health Testing